Table Mountain Workshop

Had the pleasure of helping out with the Table Mountain photography workshop at Action Camera.

We met everyone early Sunday morning at the ecological reserve to practice the nature, landscape, macro and other techniques learned the previous evening.
North Table Mountain covers approximately 3,300 acres.
With vistas of wildflowers, waterfalls and lava outcroppings there is a lot to see.

Pete went over plans for the day, while rental filters where handed out to anyone interested before setting off down the path.

This view from the parking lot offers a small glimpse of the flowers starting to bloom.

Not far from the beginning of the trail there are a couple streams and a small waterfall. Long exposures can be used to create water with that silky look and everyone was eager to start playing with their filters.

Further down the trail is a pretty large waterfall and ravine. There are some great spots on the way down before getting to the prize view and picture opportunities at the bottom.

Second stop of the day was a bit longer hike out to Phantom Falls.

Local grabbing a bite to eat.

Pete helping a workshop attendee.

All in all it was about 6 miles round trip and a great day.
Thank you everyone who attended, feel free to comment on this post with any of your results from class.

All text and images by Chris Wright

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A Day Out With The FujiFilm XF35mmF2

The first of FujiFilm’s new f/2.0 weather resistant prime lenses, the XF 35mm f/2.0 offers an equivalent focal length of 53mm in a compact, well built package including a fully marked aperture ring and stepping motor for fast autofocus.

Being the first lens I picked up for my X-T2, I wanted to see how it performed in a variety of situations, so I spent the day yesterday with Blair and Jason shooting some portraits both on location first with nothing but natural light and then in the studio using strobes.
This is not a technical review, just some real world impressions and examples.

First stop was at the Sacramento Airport’s Terminal B.
The modern architecture and large windows make a great backdrop for some natural light portraits. These were all shot at the maximum aperture of f/2.0 and I intentionally shot some with heavy backlighting to see how the lens performed.

Wide open the lens was still very sharp and it handled heavy backlighting reasonably well with decent retention of contrast. There was some minimal chromatic aberration (purple fringe) along a small portion of Blair’s sleeve in one picture but overall I felt it was controlled very well.

Next up was in the studio.
We used a 3 light setup with 2 strobes and a gridded speed light on the backdrop.
While, 85mm is typically my favorite focal length for portraits, I also like to have a 50mm in the kit as well. Not having to be as far away can be great when working in tighter spaces or smaller studios, especially when shooting full body or to add a little of the environment to the picture.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed my day with the XF 35mm f/2.0, and it will be getting a lot more use in the future. The compact size kept weight down without sacrificing image quality. Build quality felt solid and the aperture ring was a joy to use. I highly recommend adding the XF35mm to your kit.

With the XF23mmF2 already out and the XF50mmF2 on the way, FujiFilm has created a great well rounded set that I look forward to shooting with. Will share my results with those in a future post.

All text and images by Chris Wright